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The Atlas Factor

Shifting Leadership onto the Shoulders of Jesus

Lance Ford
The Atlas Factor by Christian Author Lance Ford


Lance Ford


Lance, who co-founded the Sentralized Conference in Kansas City, is also known for his blog contributions on the event’s website. His career, spanning over twenty years, includes roles as a pastor and church planter.

He is recognized as an author, mentor, and advisor, particularly for developing innovative training systems utilized globally by various organizations, seminaries, and leaders.

Lance dedicates his efforts to providing resources and training to churches and leaders globally, fostering missional living. He earned a Master’s Degree in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary and has authored numerous books and articles.

The Starfish and the Spirit

"A great book on how to have a decentralized, dynamic spiritual or religious organization. Highly recommend."

- Edith B.


The home of the atlas factor.
The Atlas Factor
Explore the enchanting tale of the starfish, intertwined with a mystical spirit. Dive into a captivating world where keywords take on a new meaning and discover an exhilarating description that will leave you
The Starfish and the Spirit
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The missionary quest to bring light to distant corners of the world, led by Lance Ford and Brad Brossio, away from home.
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The Home cover of mission essentials.
Missional Essentials

The Starfish and the Spirit

Unleashing the Leadership Potential of Churches and Organizations

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